If you have large volumes of batteries or other specialty recycling we offer pick-up service throughout BC.

We are licensed by the Ministry of Environment to transports hazardous waste.We also have properly licensed and insured drivers and vehicles to handle your larger volume pick-ups ensuring that you face no liability issues when you choose Edmonds for your battery recycling needs. That’s right, when batteries are transported from your business, if the person picking them up does not meet the proper requirements your business is on the hook for the liability should the worst happen! So leave it up to us to properly, safely and legally recycle your old batteries.

We have collection bins available, just simply fill up the bins with batteries and call us. We will take care of the rest including pick-up and delivery of new bins as needed. Upon arrival at our facility, the batteries will be processed for delivery to the smelter.

Edmonds Recycling handles thousands of batteries and battery related recycling. Please contact us if you need to schedule a pick up of your recyclable battery items. Schedule a pick-up